Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's An Election Year!!!

Being the happy little Republican I am, I am very excited that 2012 is an election year. And, being an outspoken follower of politics, I am happy to finally have people listening to me again when I speak on political issues. :)

As of now, the Republican party is still in the beginning stages of choosing a candidate to run against Barack Obama. The media and elites of the party seem to be favoring Mitt Romney at the current time. However, I personally am no fan of Governor Romney. His record is mostly liberal (moderate at best), and he has flip flopped on every position he's ever taken (you can find evidence of this without much effort). I remember in 2008 his promises to bring about what Barack Obama eventually did do: Romneycare at the national level. He was all for it until it became unpopular. He claimed in '94 to be more socially liberal than Ted Kennedy. As governor he appointed liberal judges and stood up for liberal laws being implemented in the state. He also supported raising taxes. And if all that isn't enough to dislike him, his business ventures included buying and dismantling companies in order to make a profit. Not that I'm against capitalism, but just the sort of capitalism that screws people out of their jobs while the CEOs who do it make huge profits only for themselves.

The candidate I do like is Newt Gingrich. His record surpasses any of the other candidates by far, and his ideas/solutions to help people find work, to reform the tax code and social security, to improve education by giving control back to the states, and to get America energy independant are much more in line with the type of conservatism and common sense policies that I am looking for. And, as for the baggage against him--that whole claim--all of these candidates have baggage of some sort. I'm willing to forgive (to do the Christian thing) and look much more at policy. With all of that in mind, Gingrich is the guy I will be supporting this time around.

Just take a look at the videos below and tell me Gingrich isn't the best. :)