Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tonight's Weather Report

I love watching it lightning at night time. Tonight I saw an approaching storm and decided to sit out on the front porch to watch it. It wasn't anything more than a few rumbles and some rain. It didn't quite make it south enough to reach where I live though, but the split seemed to be just over my house. It was awesome to look up and see the most amazingly clear sky full of sparkling stars, and then right next to it, these huge masses of clouds, with lightning dancing all about them. It was truly magnificent to watch. It was as if nature was putting on a fireworks display of its own.

It was warm today. Humid, too. I'm sure that's what brought this all about. Most of the lightning was probably nothing more than heat lightning. But regardless, it was so peaceful out tonight. The nearby storm brought with it a cooler air, which really did help take away some of the humidity. And I found it all so calming. I see the beauty and wonder of God in such things. It's as if God was giving me a great gift, a wondrous spectacle of His created nature.

Not only was there lightning. There were lightning bugs in the yard and in the trees and fields, glittering over everything. And the crickets and tree frogs were singing steadily and softly.

I just love summer.


AJ said...

Wow love the imagery you created with your post. I could picture everything you described! I also love storms. Its just a nice feeling to feel safe inside as the storm rages outside.

Lighting bugs are so cool. The other day I was watching tv and I saw a blinking light out of the corner of my eye near my foot. I thought I was seeing things until I saw it again. Well I looked closer and it was a lightning bug! Not sure how he got in the house. Anyways I then saved him and let him outside so he can light up the world! :)

naturgesetz said...

What a beautiful evening.

When I was in college, one year I had a room with a tiny balcony overlooking the Potomac valley. I had a clear view from west through south to east, with the downtown area of Washington, D.C., to the east southeast. On several afternoons I was able to watch thunderstorms approach from the west, pass over and to the south (there was a roof over me), and then go over the Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Capitol. And then the clearing followed as the storm left the Capitol behind and went into the distance over southern Maryland. It was really beautiful.