Sunday, August 12, 2007

For All Those Interested

For all those interested in a good read... refer to Rik Fleming's latest post on his blog Journal Of A Struggling Christian, entitled Am I An Arsenokoitai? This post refers to identity and certain terms and phrases used in the Bible, which relate to homosexuality. All I can say is, "Good job, Rik."

For all those wanting more... read Joe Dallas' Desires In Conflict. This was the first book I read when I began trying to overcome homosexuality. I can't tell you how much hope this book gave me. It helped me understand why I might have became attracted to other men, but also why I should care to change those attractions, and how to change those attractions. It's a good first book for anyone looking to leave the homosexual lifestyle.

For all those who can't stop reading and won't... read Jeff Konrad's You Don't Have to Be Gay. This was the second book I read dealing with overcoming homosexuality. The format of the book is in the style of letters written from Konrad to his friend Mike. It's Konrad's testimony of how he overcame homosexuality. And let me tell you, Konrad fills this book so full of hope and encouragement. The way it's written, it's so easy to imagine that Konrad isn't writing to his friend Mike, but to yourself. It's personal and intimate on such a wonderful level. And to beat all, you sense how familiar and sympathetic Konrad is to the struggles of overcoming something like this. Not to shadow a quote from Bill Clinton, but you can tell Konrad feels your pain. It's the same he's felt himself. I've read this book twice now and will probably read it again sometime down the road.

For all those who are serious about overcoming homosexuality... here's one more excellent book for you: Growth Into Manhood, by Alan Medinger. If you've struggled with feeling manly or feeling as though you belong among other men, then this is definitely a must read. There's one particular section in that book where Medinger talks about letting go of your past and allowing Jesus to grow you up. And he paints such a lovely picture of Jesus carrying him on his shoulders as a child and showing him off to all around. Another picture he gives is you, as an adult, taking your child self and handing him over to Jesus. Your child self takes hold of Jesus' hand and the two go walking off until you can no longer see them. Then, Jesus puts his arm around your shoulder, there He is, and you and Jesus go walking off down that same path. He's going to help you. Isn't that beautiful? It's wonderful!

And now a word of advice... whatever you do, don't start down the path of trying to overcome whatever sin is in your life and decide to give up. Keep falling forward. Reach out to others for help. Keep pursuing God. Pray like you've never prayed before. Whatever you do, just find help and don't give up--no matter how hard the struggle!

Reading was one of my first big helps. Reading is anonymous for when you're too scared to reach out to others for help. Reading is something you can keep going back to whenever you start wondering whether or not you understood something right the first time around. Reading can give you quick and immediate help and from several different viewpoints and sources.

For all those interested in wanting to know God... read your Bible, pray, and ask Jesus to come into your life. When you do those three things... everything else will fall into place as it should. That, of course, is the best help you could ever have.

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RikFleming said...


Thank you so much for your kind response to my post as well as the endorsement on your blog. By the way, I am working on a doctorate degree and hope to due my dissertation on Gay Theology. More than likely that work will be published as a book. But I have a lot of studying to do so it is going to take some time. In the mean time I am also working on my own personal issues and I recently started attending an Exodus affiliate. There is SO MUCH going on in my life right now it is absolutely incredible. I'll write about it more in future journal entries.

You're in my prayers - always!

Love ya bro!