Friday, November 30, 2007

Elephant Jackasses

After watching some of the recent presidential debates, and seeing how the powers that be are currently running our country, I've come to the conclusion that both political parties have truly embodied the persona's of the animals which represent them. The Republicans have become a bunch of small-minded Goliaths, ready to sound their trumpets and stampede at the first sign of anything different, or change. While the Democrats seem content to be running around wildly, kicking their feet in the air, and gibbering a lot of "he-haw!" Neither party seems very interested in actually solving any of the problems going on in our country today. They're too wrapped up in themselves to see past their own political aspirations for power and glory to be able to work together to get anything done. As far as I'm concerned, they've become nothing more than a bunch of elephant jackasses, and nothing more.

God help us if this is the best we have to vote for!


Joe said...

I hope this politics post is a sign that the personal stuff is no longer getting you down. :)

Who is the Republican's best hope? All they talk about about on this side of the Atlantic is the Clinton/Obama smackdown.

Brandon said...

Hey Joe,

Yeah, I am feeling some better. Thanks. Sorry for being so miserable sounding here lately.

Right now, everyone seems to like Guiliani on the Republican side, but I'm not convinced. I don't think he really holds to enough Republican ideas to be "our" candidate. I honestly don't see much difference between him and the Democrats that are running, other than he's afraid of change.

From what I've observed of the candidates so far, I'm actually beginning to like Mike Huckabee. However, I'm inclined to believe that John McCain would probably be the best pick. He's conservative but governs more moderately, and he has a history of being somewhat bipartisan. He also has a lot of experience and a record for getting things done. That being said, however, I do feel he's doing a horrible job running in the primaries right now. He just doesn't seem to have the energy behind him that he had back in 2000. But yeah, I'm sort of starting to look a little more closely at Mike Huckabee. He seems to be about the only one that looks like he's just being himself and telling it how he sees it. And he actually does have some good ideas.

On the democrats side, I sort of like John Edwards. He's the only one whose really pushing against NAFTA and he heavily supports universal healthcare and making college more affordable. He has a lot of good ideas that would help everybody across the board. In all honestly, he might be my favorite pick out of all of them right now.