Sunday, May 13, 2007

All Work and No Play

I'm tired. Well, tired and frustrated. I'm not going to go on some sort of a rant or anything, but I will just say, "WHY CAN'T ANYTHING EVER GO RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" It just seems as if I have no time for myself anymore, and nothing I ever do turns out the way I wish it would. I feel like I'm working all the time, or doing something for somebody, and I'm really just feeling worn out from it all. I haven't had a "me" day in over a month and a half now. I've felt tired, depressed, and lonely, and basically... no wait, I said I wouldn't go on a rant, so I'll stop there. Anyway, I really could use some extra praying for right about now. Well, that and some sleep. One or both would really be great actually.


Beast said...

Aww....Deepest sympathy and prayers from me. I hope you get well soon!

David said...
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Brandon said...

Thanks for the warm thoughts, guys. And thanks for the prayers. I am doing some better.


You know, I think I'd rather not keep up the conversation. Live your life well and as you see fit. No judgments from me. I hope you know that. When I question you, I'm questioning myself just as much. I'm not completely 100% on what I believe. There is some doubt there. But I really do appreciate your offer of continuing the talks. I just think that for right now, I'd rather let things lie where they're at. Sorry if I've bugged you. I'm sure I have. Grace and peace, and love in Christ.


Beast said...

Hey Brandon,

You say that you're nor completely 100% on what you believe and there is some doubt there. I agree with you, man. There always WILL BE doubt. But faith, as defined in Hebrew 11.1, is 'being SURE of what we HOPE for and CERTAIN of what we DO NOT see. Like Abraham, many of us DON'T KNOW where we are heading to. But we ARE seeking to please God in the sense that we AVOID SIN as much as possible.

Be encouraged, brother, for we are not fighting alone. And, our King and Saviour, JESUS CHRIST, has won everything for us. WE WILL WIN AT THE END!

My prayers are with you,

Brandon said...

This must be my lucky day. It's been a wonderful day! It's been one where everything actually did happen to go right for a change.

Thank you, Beast, for the very caring words of encouragement. I agree with you, and I greatly appreciate the prayers. I've certainly felt them.

God bless.

Beast said...

Hey Brandon,

It's awesome you're happy! God is good!