Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tonight's Weather Report

I love watching it lightning at night time. Tonight I saw an approaching storm and decided to sit out on the front porch to watch it. It wasn't anything more than a few rumbles and some rain. It didn't quite make it south enough to reach where I live though, but the split seemed to be just over my house. It was awesome to look up and see the most amazingly clear sky full of sparkling stars, and then right next to it, these huge masses of clouds, with lightning dancing all about them. It was truly magnificent to watch. It was as if nature was putting on a fireworks display of its own.

It was warm today. Humid, too. I'm sure that's what brought this all about. Most of the lightning was probably nothing more than heat lightning. But regardless, it was so peaceful out tonight. The nearby storm brought with it a cooler air, which really did help take away some of the humidity. And I found it all so calming. I see the beauty and wonder of God in such things. It's as if God was giving me a great gift, a wondrous spectacle of His created nature.

Not only was there lightning. There were lightning bugs in the yard and in the trees and fields, glittering over everything. And the crickets and tree frogs were singing steadily and softly.

I just love summer.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why Does It Matter?

I keep thinking about what it means to say I’m gay. I’ve usually meant that in terms of what sexual attractions I have for other people; I find men attractive, and women sort of neutral. It’s also meant how I come to think about myself as well though. But I wonder if I have perceived being gay as meaning what sort of sex I’d like to have, rather than what sort of relationships I would like to have. I keep thinking about the relationship I had with Eve. It wasn’t built on sex, or for that matter sexual desire. It was built on friendship, care, love, and emotion.

I keep having trouble trying to figure myself out. I feel as though so much of the time I’ve only been thinking about wanting a sexual relationship, or something lustful, or someone to help cure periods of loneliness, rather than the sort of relationship, if any, I should have been looking for.

Maybe too many people are just looking for sex. I wonder if maybe that’s what I was really looking for or wanting all those years rather than a serious, healthy relationship. What I had with Eve wasn’t what I expected it to be. It wasn’t what I’d been looking for in a relationship. It was far better than anything I’d been looking for, and it was far different than what I’d wanted.

I guess my point is that maybe I’d been focusing too much on wanting a particular kind of sex when I should have been focusing on wanting a healthy relationship with someone, built on friendship, trust, and love. And I wonder if that’s the case with others; particularly among gay identified men. Maybe we are too focused on sex itself, rather than on what really makes sex something meaningful and special.

And maybe we identify who we are too much upon trivial differences. I know I’m not as masculine as a lot of men. But how is that something that should make me feel different from other men? Not all men, even straight men, are masculine. A lot of men aren’t masculine. And, really, since when should one’s level of masculinity define who they are as a person? Why has that mattered to me?

If being with Eve made me realize anything, it’s that all those stupid labels people put upon themselves don’t really matter at all. Being gay or straight, bisexual, tall, short, fat, skinny, ugly, beautiful, black, white, purple, green, or yellow, none it really matters. You just are who you are. It’s just that causing those labels to box yourself into a corner in life isn’t any good; you become limited so much.

I’m not sure being gay really means that much to me anymore. Not that it was ever anything to feel prideful about or anything like that, but just that it was a big part of how I saw myself. Maybe some of those old mindsets of mine have become broken somewhat. I’m not saying I’m no longer gay, or that I’m no longer attracted to men. I’m just saying that the fact that I am doesn’t seem to matter so much to me anymore. As though being gay is no better or worse than any other part of me. It’s just another thing, and not something that should limit me any more than the color of my hair or the shape of my eyes. It doesn’t really matter.