Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Snowmaker

I have to say I really do enjoy the snow. It comes in and covers over all the dark, gloomy, wet, nastiness that is so typical of the winter outdoors, replacing it with such beauty. The pure white just makes everything bright and fresh. The flakes falling through the air brings about such an excitement for me. It's almost like static in the air. There's just an energy about it that can't be described.

It's been said that more people suffer from depression during winter than at any other time of the year. I can see why sometimes. Everything just looks so depressing. The ground is wet and muddy, the sky is gray and cloudy, the trees are all leafless and bare, there are no flowers, it's cold, and daylight itself is cut short. It's just one of those gloomy times of the year. For that reason, of all the seasons, winter is usually represented as death. And death, in itself, is typically looked at as something depressing. Death is an end to life, and brings with it an incredible sadness. During winter, we see that all around us in nature. We see a loss of life.

I like the snow because it's a reminder of what Jesus can do for us when we let Him into our lives. He takes away all the darkness. He takes away all the ugliness. He comes in like the snow and covers over all that is bad and in such a beautiful way. I think God gives us the snow for the same reason He gave us Jesus. He knows that in the darkness, we need to see some light. In the ugliness of life, we eventually need to see some beauty. We need hope for something better.

And in the same way Jesus can transform the landscapes of our lives, in the same way He brings to life what is dead, we have the springtime to look forward to. And just like the snow, I believe God gives us the spring for the same reason He gave us Jesus. He knows that in death, we need life. In the darkness, we need light. In the ugliness, we need beauty. In the cold, we need warmth. Again, we have something better to look forward to. We have something to hope for.

In the winter, I look forward to the snow. It gives me hope for better days. It makes me feel alive. And I thank God for designing a world that would have snow. It would be hard to make it through a cold, drab winter without it.

I'm glad He knows just the right way to always lift my spirit. It's snowing right now, and it's just so beautiful!

I love every minute of it!


Jim Jordan said...

Excellent sermon, Brandon. I wonder if its just coincidence that Jesus was born in the Spring (during the sheep's mating season; the shepherd were watching the flocks at night) and the resurrection was in the Spring. That will likely remain conjecture but your choice of facts is flawless. Good witnessing, too.

Brandon said...

Thanks Jim. And interesting points about when Jesus was born and resurrected.