Thursday, October 22, 2009

Simply Inspirational

I think this is really inspiring. Read for yourself.


Ryan said...

Brandon - I saw your comment on Jim's Moral Science Club blog, and was impressed. I'm a gay guy also, and wondering if you want to have a back-and-forth on homosexuality and faith.

I really struggle to understand those who retain their Christian faith but know that they are gay.

But my first motivation is always to understand that which I don't, so let me know if you're game. :)

Brandon said...

Hey, Ryan. Sure.

I'd say the reason I am able to retain my faith in Christ, knowing I am gay (meaning that I find other men attractive) is because I know, too, just how much Jesus has accomplished in my life. To turn away from Him, knowing how much He's done for me, would be ridiculous and foolish. I suppose I could pursue a relationship with another man and still retain that faith as others have done. But I think to do that, my conscience would destroy me. It's just that I know how much Jesus has done for me. To deliberately disobey the Word which He has given us just doesn't set well with me. It eats away at me whenever I do things I beleive are sinful. But all that aside, I don't believe Jesus faults me for being gay. I don't think that's anything of considerable concern to Him. What I do think He cares about is how well I attempt to resist temptations to act on homosexual feelings. And so that is my attempt. And I can cling to Christ to fight those temptations.

Anyway, maybe that's enough of a start for now. What do you think?