Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Things I Enjoy Or Am Thankful For

After reading the latest post by Pomoprophet, I decided to write something that would get me to thinking of all the good in my life rather than all the bad. So, I decided to make a list of twenty things I either enjoy, or am thankful for in an attempt to think more positively.

Here goes:

1. My nephews' laughter.
2. A beautiful Sunset.
3. A letter from my friends.
4. Spending time with my brother.
5. Exploring.
6. Watching a really funny episode of either the Simpson's, Family Guy, Futurama, or The Andy Griffith Show.
7. Having good health.
8. Knowing God loves me.
9. Drawing.
10. Writing.
11. Building things.
12. Comforting a friend.
13. Reading a really good book.
14. Having parents, grandparents, and other family members who care about me and love me.
15. Listening to Christian music.
16. Spending time with God.
17. All the material things I have.
18. A big slice of chocolate pecan pie.
19. Teaching.
20. Watching classic movies.

Funny, I feel better already just thinking about these things.

1 comment:

MR said...

It is so good you appreciate these things now. Some people don't realize how great some of these blessings are until they lose them. We have so much to thank God for!