Thursday, September 24, 2009

Something Promising

Below is a link to an article I read off of Netscape. It discusses a breakthrough in AIDS treatment--a possible vaccine.

I read this article and wondered how many people in the world would benefit from a cure for AIDS. Thousands, millions, all? I think all people. Some people want to point to homosexuals and say that this is their disease. But it's not. AIDS is something that has claimed the lives of millions of people all throughout the world, not only homosexuals, but heterosexuals as well--moms, dads, children, whole families. The people on the continent of Africa have been particularly hard hit by AIDS. And it's not just limited to there.

I watched a movie a while back and one of the characters was asked about how many friends he'd lost during the 80's because of the AIDS outbreak. He responded over half. I think about what it would be like if half of my friends died because of a disease so few knew anything about. During the 80's, so few really did know what was going on. I can't imagine the panic or worry or concern so many people must have felt back then, and the sadness of losing so many loved ones.

I hope the possible vaccine treatment mentioned in the above article will help eventually lead to a cure for AIDS. When that day comes, I'll rejoice alongside of all those whose lives has been affected by it.


Alex Bronson said...

one of the main benefits of this new AIDS vaccination break through is all the hope it will give to the millions who are affected by this condition

Anonymous said...

Some people want to point to homosexuals and say that this is their disease.

Even if that were true, it shows a level of inhumanity and moral repugnance lying deep in the hearts of those who would say such a thing. It's their way of saying, "They deserve to get sick. They deserve to die." Such an attitude towards one's fellow human beings is detestable and abominable. There's simply no excuse for it.

Brandon said...

Alex, hope is certainly a very powerful thing. My hope is that, for the time being, this news will lift the spirits of a great many people.

Jarred, I agree with you. It's a horrible thing for anyone to say or think. Sadly, there are those who suggest this sort of thing. Sickens me everytime I hear it. I think it speaks to the very great ignorance and hatred some people have.

Brian said...

The days of calling it "gay cancer" are over. AIDS is a disease that impacts all of us. No matter the sexual preference of the individual who is HIV-positive, Christians have a duty to show love and compassion. Thanks for doing that, Brandon.