Wednesday, April 4, 2012

False Witness

Stories like this one really infuriate me.

So, an 11 year old girl gets pissed off with her dad. She accuses him of rape. The dad gets sentenced to more than 15 years in prison. Then, after 9 years in prison, the girl, a 23 year old at this point, recants her testimony and admits that she made the whole thing up. Absolutely pathetic! And as if it wasn't bad enough that this guy had to lose 9 years of his life because his daughter was a messed up brat, local prosecutors don't want to press charges against the girl for fear it will discourage individuals in similar circumstances from stepping forward. Similar circumstances? By that, do they mean other girls who have lied about such things? This girl ought to at least be changed with obstruction of justice, not to mention perjury. It all just goes to show how screwed up our legal system is sometimes.

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