Monday, May 7, 2012

Being Faithful

Hope and faith are two incredibly powerful things.  Both are essential for a positive outlook on life, and both can help lift you out of some of the most dismal situations you could ever experience.

I want to be hopeful.  I want to continue to believe that God has a future in store for me that is worth living.  And I want to be faithful to God as I wait for that life to unfold.

It is hard to do these things sometimes.  Keeping hope when all seems lost is a virtue beyond a great many people.  It’s something I struggle with sometimes.  And being faithful in light of such things can just seem useless.

But if we keep our hope and keep our faith in God, God will always see us through in the end; one way or another.  He is our greatest refuge, our greatest source of strength, our best friend, our best love, and our best ray of hope.

When we feel hopeless and faithless, the best thing we could ever do is to hold onto God with all our might.  We just have to believe.  And if we do that, He WILL see us through whatever hardships we face.


jennypo said...

Thank you Brandon. Needed to remember this today. "He IS our greatest refuge, our greatest source of strength, our best friend, our best love, and our best ray of hope." He WILL see us through...

Jack said...

I too needed to remember this. I'm stressed, depressed and feel like giving up right now (like really giving up). BUT now is the time I really gotta cling to God for strength and not run to other things that ultimately will leave me empty. Thanks for that Brandon!

ALBERTO said...

hey what's up man? How is going? that was good, you're right, so keep trusting God no matter the situation or the temptation, He always has the control in His hands.
because we as humans always think we are gonna turn back or it's better if we walk away from Him if we fail Him, but DON'T
what's happening then? We are not trusting Him enough or the way God wants it, everybody struggle, just we dont have to listen what media or the others say dude, so renew the Covenant with God and ask Him to make you new and wash your sin and negative thoughts away, ask Him for something is worth to live for, and Seek His face every day, don't waste the valuable time in idleness, God knows every heart and what we have to do is wait to He makes His will, because it doesn’t depend on you or me it depends on Him.

even though people say otherwise we know and we Trust in the True God, that one who rose JesusChrist from the grave, the one who Created the universe and all the things existed.
Cuz people say, Why change? If we know the big liars, Günter Baum, Peterson Toscano or Christine Bakke, jallen rix ---
They knew and still knowing the truth,

Well dude I don't wanna make this too long
Hope youre ok and God bless you