Saturday, May 19, 2012

An Expression of Love

How can anyone watch this video and not see a true expression of love between these two men?  And whether it was sinful or wrong, it was/is BEAUTIFUL.  I see what this couple had and I can't escape feeling that it was right, just, and good.  It was two people coming together out of love for each other.  What is so wrong about that?

I watched this, seeing their love made so evident, and seeing the sort of crap they had to endure, and I thought the whole time through, that if Jesus was here in body he would have helped, comforted, and loved them.  He wouldn't have loaded up the shot gun, pushed them away, determined himself to make their lives more difficult, or denied them of anything.  He would have welcomed them to Him with arms wide open, and loved them for who they are.

Why can't we?

Going along with this years apparent theme for my blog, I just don't understand.  When I watch something like this, all traditional Christian teachings regarding homosexuality just lose all credibility with me.  It doesn't make sense.

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