Thursday, August 9, 2012

Signs of God

Yeah! Why is that?

Sometimes I think we don’t do a good enough job pointing out to others how God is involved in our lives. Maybe we get too busy to witness or we just forget to. Maybe we get too afraid of what others will think or forget the importance of it. But God is involved in our lives, especially if we ask Him to be. And we can find evidence of God all around us, if only we try.

Looking back on my life, I can see so clearly how God was involved. I see how He pushed me to do things I didn’t really want to do, and to not do a few things that I really wanted to do. I saw Him answer many prayers, and in ways and to the point that goes far beyond coincidence. I’ve felt His presence with me whenever I’ve sought Him out—especially in those low moments or those of rejoicing. I’ve seen Him open doors for me through opportunities that should have been closed off. I’ve seen Him heal people from illnesses that doctors said couldn’t be healed from. Every spring when the flowers bloom and the leaves grow back, I see His spark of life throughout all of nature. I’ve seen Him do a lot.

I like the movie Signs, and I’ll mention it here because it illustrates very well the way God tends to work in our lives. I’d recommend anyone reading to watch it just to get the idea. We don’t often get that big booming voice from the heavens, or a burning bush. But, if we look, we can find signs or evidence of God all around us.

Around 2001/2 I was very unhappy with my life. I needed help and couldn’t find it. I prayed and didn’t seem to get any answers. And I felt alone in everything. It was the worst time in my life.

I used to drive back and forth to school in the next county, and I remember having the thought that I should just drive my car off the road where this little valley lies. I wanted to die, because I felt so bad and hopeless. I thought that doing it that way would be the most preferable. I’d just cut off before the guardrail, fly through the air, and whenever the car crashed, that would be the end in one quick moment.

I built up my courage one day to do it. I was coming back from school, the day had been just another nightmare, I was crying my eyes out, and I decided it was time. I was driving about sixty miles per hour, drove onto the side lane, hit the rough, saw the valley ahead of me, and at the last moment, my car just seemed to drift back over onto the main road. It felt like it happened all on its own, whenever it mattered less to me, and whenever it should have physically been too late to stop. I know with all of my being that I did not stop my car from going off that cliff. And afterward, I just had this really strong feeling come over me to keep going, as if I was being told to. The next few months, a lot of things began to get better. I just kept thinking, keep going. And that helped.

I believe this was a sign of God. It was a miracle.

Some signs maybe aren’t that profound though. But I know God has been a part of my life. He’s talked to me in dreams that felt more real than any others. He’s given me thoughts or new understandings that directly conflicted with previous ones. He’s placed friends in my life at just the right times when I needed them the most… He’s just done so much.

And so now, I ask you to think back upon your own lives. What signs have you had from God? How has God worked in your lives? What has He done for you or others?

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