Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Went Well

Hey, everybody!

I hope all of you had a good Christmas. I had had a little bit of a hard time getting into the spirit of things concerning Christmas, but as it turned out, I have to say that this was one of the best Christmas' ever. I felt close to my family, everyone got along, we had fun with each other, and I certainly felt close to God. It was an unusual Christmas in a lot of ways--there were a few key differences this year--but overall, it was a very good Christmas and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

New Year's is just ahead of us now, and I hope and I pray that 2008 will be a better year than the one coming to an end. I have a feeling it will be. :)

Let me know how all of your Christmas' went. God bless.


MR said...

Yes, Christmas went well with me. I went to Florida to visit my father who had been dealing with some health issues.I was very concerned about him, so it was a great blessing to see his health improve every day I was there.

Brandon said...

Great news, MR. Glad to hear your Dad is doing better. :)