Monday, July 23, 2012

Single Gay Male -- Take Your Pick

Regardless of what people think and however we all actually are, surely we can have a bit of fun in the stereotypes every once in a while. I remember seeing this a few months ago and thinking about how funny and yet true it is (for the most part).

I have no real interest in going to the clubs, but I know several friends who certainly think that is where “the gays” spend most of their time, always partying and looking for the next hook up. My mom seems to think that my being gay has more to do with my love for design and certain other stereotypical gay interests than in actually and honestly wanting to be in a relationship with another man. My dad, although I’m sure he’d never admit it, probably does think of gays in terms of bondage and submission—of course, no man could ever really want to be gay unless forced to be (a little bit of what dad thinks really wouldn’t be so bad right now, come to think of it). Society views gays in images depicted most commonly from the pride parades, as I mentioned a few weeks back, which, again, I have no real interest in. I certainly would love to think of myself as very clean cut, polished, and sophisticated; though I know more often than not I am really just a slob who’d rather spend most nights at home watching TV with a drink in hand and a bowl of chips in his lap.

So, which picture would you say most accurately describes you?  :)


naturgesetz said...

I'm the guy in the suit, although I rarely wear ties since I retired.

Esteban said...

I'm probably the guy in the first picture because I love going to the clubs. Not for hook ups or anything, just to dance. I think I fit the gay male stereotype that says that we love dancing!