Sunday, January 6, 2008

Buddy and the Conservative Church

So, I was perusing through some of the other blogs I read, and I happened upon a link featured on Odd Psalms titled Buddy and the Conservative Church. I clicked on the link and what I found was one of the most touching stories I've ever read. It was about a man named Buddy who had struggled with homosexuality, lived a celibate life, and attended a conservative church, where he was often made to feel less than welcome. It is a story that should and ought to bring the modern day conservative church to shame, and hopefully, repentance and enlightenment, but it is also a story that brings a lot of light and hope for anybody struggling with being a Christian and having homosexual temptations.

I've added the link to this story under the links section of my blog. I hope all of you will check it out.

Love in Christ.

[I have found the blog/website in which this article was originally written. I have changed the before mentioned link as a result. The article can be found on under the link. The author, Misty Irons, is an incredibly understanding and compassionate fellow Christian. I truly thank God for her.]


Derek said...

I just read the story. It is truely amazing....what the church needs to get back too....religion is so far off base.....everyone sins...everyone has something to deal with....I attend a conservative church...I could never tell them or ask them to pray with me about my struggles...they would hear the words "gay" or "same sex attraction" and that would be the end. Lord, help us all to get back to the basics. Thanks for posting this.

Brandon said...

I'll agree with you, Derek. I'm not too sure I could ask people at my church to pray for me either. As long as I've known some of the people at my church, I'd hope that a few of them could actually look past their views and feelings toward homosexuality and just see a poor sinner in need of help and prayer. It does amaze me how so many Christians today have such harsh views or prejudice and hatred toward homosexuals. It would certainly be a marvelous thing if that would change. If it did, I'd imagine a lot more people with SSA would be brought to the Lord. And that would definitely be something worth rejoicing over.

I'll pray for you Derek. :)